Thursday, April 26, 2012

Screaming Woman Artworks

Ten Women Gallery embraces such a wonderfully diverse assortment of local female artists.  It's members display a high level of professional quality artistry and each of the 20+ talented women is proud to call our modest space home. It's part of what makes it all work.

The opportunity to have a space to show and sell our wares is, in itself, a unique experience.  I believe we all feel a tremendous sense of pride in what we have accomplished and feel gratitude for the experience.  We certainly are appreciative of our loyal followers and hope to gain a fresh recognition in our now, not so new, location on Montana Avenue.

Among our long standing members is Joann Libolt.  Joann has been selling her fascinating pieces created in clay for many years giving her the pleasure of a substantial following of new and repeat customers. She warrants special viewing and holds her position in the center of the gallery along with Glass artist, Susan Haskell.
A unique hand sculpted clay figure expressing the depth of tenderness of female energy

Here's what Joann has to say about herself and her art...

I have come to studio art in my mature years.  Graduating from college in the 1960's, I have worked in advertising, and helped raise some fantastic children.  I returned to school in my 50's and completed MA and MFA degrees after age 60.  Art, for me, is timeless.

Clay is my primary medium.  I often use mixed media to finish the pieces, but clay is the material I prefer as I work intuitively.  Sculptural work and utility ware are part of my art.  Often political issues become involved.

Joann shows strength in her expressive interpretation of feminine art

Much of the work is born from the emotions of a woman's life as she struggles to define and experience the depth of her life in a world that tends to define it for her.

Hand created, original imagery on Italian tile is another branch of my artwork.  The line drawings utilize a resist technique developed in ancient times called cuerda seca, which resists the surrounding glazes and under glazes as they are applied.  This creates a unique variation of Middle Eastern and Mexican tile work.  The glazes are layered and often fired 3 to 6 separate times to achieve the rich depth of color.

Among the few clay artists the Gallery embraces, Joann has a defined quality that is clearly and  uniquely her own.  Her new pieces are always a surprise and thought provoking.  A special blend of beauty and personal expression...a wonderful contribution to the flavor of Ten Women Gallery.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jewelry Designs - Phyllis Eagle Kalionzes, a Founding Member

Phyllis Eagle Kalionzes was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA.  She began making jewelry in the sixties and selling it in "Head Shops" on Venice Beach.  After an education in art and photography, she has worked for an Environmental Graphics Design firm for 30 years, stopping only for a brief film career, Props and Art Department...and child bearing two great kids.

Most of the pieces used are vintage glass beads from the 1920's, 30's and 40's from Czechoslovakia, Italy and Bohemia.  Freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and sterling silver sire have been incorporated in many pieces.  One series of earrings incorporates tumbled, broken glass collected from the January 17th, 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, including her mother's shattered wedding crystals.

Glass earrings, rings with glass and sterling silver bands
Beaded necklaces and bracelets
Phyllis attracts customers young and old to purchase these wonderful guitar pick earrings

A collection of Vintage earrings
New designs include multiple metals stamped, cold connected and layered together to compliment each other
An old standard of Phyllis' harmonicas made into earrings.  A very popular item at the gallery
Multiple metals coordinated beautifully together to create earrings and necklaces
Multiple metals fused/cold connected together in stunning necklace and earring designs
A FYI about Phyllis - her bond and connection to Ten Women Gallery...

Phyllis is one of the original founding members of our gallery and we are proud and grateful to still have her with us.  Her tireless dedication to our uniqueness and desire to keep Ten Women of quality and integrity is what contributes to the success of our wholeness as a co-operative gallery.  The vision remains in tack because she is a part of our originality and the continued steps forward to bring Ten Women into the next decade. 

In Phyllis' own words...
"Ten Women Gallery on Montana Avenue is the fourth Ten Women Gallery that I have had the privilege to help make happen.  We started on Main Street in Santa Monica in 1994, two art teachers at SMASH, 2 parents and 6 others had access to a small space that fit exactly ten women artists (hence the name).  When we started, we had no idea what we were doing and made it up as we went along.  Two years later we were approached by many local artists who wanted to join our co-op, so we opened a second gallery on 17th and Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica.  In time we outgrew that space and moved to Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.  We were at that space for 11 years before our move to Montana Avenue in November, 2011.  We are very happy to be in our new community.

My work has been evolving in the 18 years I've been involved with the co-op experience.  I've done earthquake glass from the 1994 LA quake, wire work and fused glass.  My latest adventure is with copper, brass and silver - texturing, embossing and laying have resulted in new combinations that excite and inspire me to do more.

We invite you to stop in to visit and see what makes Ten Women the success that it is. Looking forward to sharing our passion with you....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Artist Reception at Topanga Canyon Gallery

 What does "Satisfaction" mean to you?  How about "Sympathy For The Devil", "Gimme Shelter" or "Get Off Of My Cloud"? It is almost impossible to hear any of these phrases and not think of The Rolling Stones.
  In a new show, "Like A Rolling Stone", which opens on Wednesday April 4 at Topanga Canyon Gallery, artists Robyn Feeley and Fae Horowitz pay homage to Sir Mick and the lads, using well known Rolling Stones song titles as the inspiration pieces for their new works.
The show runs through April 29.  Please join us on Saturday April 7, 4pm-7pm for our Artist Reception.  Enjoy the art, our "Beggar's Banquet" and help us toast a Happy 5-OH to you know who!