Monday, February 27, 2012

Renee Troy Featured Artist

Renee Troy started her career in the 1970's working in Manhattan's garment industry.  She helped start the infant-toddler division at Garanimals, a still popular children's clothing line, located at the time on the 16th floor of the Empire State Building.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1976 and deciding to change directions, Renee took a job working for a mom and pop company designing custom invitations where the inspiration to learn calligraphy started.  Going home every night and practicing her letters led to a new career in designing invitations in calligraphy.

Today, Renee is proud of her long list of clients obtained over a 35 year span, most of which still use her calligraphy services today.

Renee's passion for mixed media, art dolls, jewelry designing and painting became more prominent over the past 10 years.  While still maintaining her calligraphy business, she now divides her time creating in these different mediums for Ten Women Gallery, online shops and for her dedicated private clientèle.

In her words, "My passion is my art and my purpose is to be a creative student of life.  There is no other way for me to live.  I am very blessed and will always be grateful".

Full view of window at night
36x36 Original mixed media painting on canvas

Mixed media painting on canvas

Mixed media necklace
Mixed metals necklace
Variety of large earrings
Heart within resin necklace
Mixed media wood collage
Shadow box frame art
Mixed media painting on canvas
Created entirely from scratch, an array of natural elements creating a shadow box effect
Because Renee does so many different kinds of art, it's difficult for her to restrain herself in one medium.  She creates everything from one of kind fabric/paper greetings cards to art dolls and everything in between.  Her space at Ten Women is constantly changing and there's always a new display of different original art for mass appeal. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Artist Summer Whitmer's new display

When we found our new location on Montana we needed to lfind new artists to replace the few dear old timers we lost during the move.   We are happy to have found Summer Whitmer as a new jewelry artist to join our artist family.  Here's her statement...

My love of jewelry and design began once I was able to dig in my grandmothers costume jewelry. I used to parade up and down the block covered in jewels and wearing her square dancing skirts. I am a third generation Santa Monican and come from a family of past jewelers. As I grew older I began beading on a loom, making my own designs to honor my grandmothers Shoshone heritage. I started gaining an interest in Native American satchel embellishments along with bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I later took classes in metal work, really appreciating the beauty in mixing metals. Each piece I currently design is a one of a kind and has a story of it's own. For instance, I'll place each gem or stone in a specific place for the sake of encouraging, stimulating, balancing or calming your being. More of my bolder work incorporates handmade Tibetan beads that have a uniqueness all of their own. Some you must hold or wear to really feel their magic! Know that I only work with a clear mind in a static free home. As a mother of a beautiful young boy, I am truly blessed and am overwhelmed with love. I work at night once he's asleep in a cozy, warm home with dog at feet. If I feel the stones have negative or charged energy, I cleanse them by steeping in salt. If you are into it, I can even smudge your piece before it comes to you. Please contact me if you have any questions. If you so desire, we can work together and I can custom a piece just for you, a hand stamped tag with up to three lines at 8 characters per line, with stones used for healing properties, or both :)
Be Well
Be Good
Be a Bold Buffalo

Summer's wonderful and newly decorated space
These are a few of Summer's striking necklaces
An example of her creatively hand stamped bar necklace
Add caption
Summer's pieces are a handsome statement to any outfit whether casual or for going out on the town.  A combination of stone, bone and silver is displayed on a variety of silver chains.  A must see when you come to visit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcoming Back...

Ten Women is proud and excited to welcomed back, Debbi Green (oil painter) and Denise Bledsoe (art dolls) to our new location on Montana.  These fabulous artists were members of our gallery on Abbot Kinney and have decided to join us again.  They have brought back their unique talents to our all ready fantastic atmosphere and will add a new dimension to the array of diverse and interesting art that we are so famous for.

Debbi Green, Oil Painter Extraordiniare
Debbi does commission work for pet portraits.  I don't thing the chicken is a pet however, lol.
Denise Bledsoe is a fantastic art doll artist with her unique expressions and stories behind her characters.
I've been collecting Denise's dolls for nearly 20 years and I'm not the only one who collects her work.  

Both of these wonderful artists have a following of fans who collect their work.  We are honored to have them as members of our gallery.  Stop by and see their work up close and personal.

I also wanted to show Summer's new display and location at the gallery.  It's looks fantastic!

Summer's new location and display for her wonderful jewelry
Congratulations Summer on a successful endeavor.

A Fabulous Turnout

Yesterday, we had our Valentine Tea with an assortment of tea, of course, and all kinds of treats for our customers to enjoy while visiting our gallery.  We had a fantastic turn out of both gallery members and customers throughout the day.

A view from inside the gallery at our Valentine Heart hanging in our window
Our festive Valentine balloons inside.  They were also outside for attention to our event
Serving from beautiful china tea pots
Our Valentine cookies were a big hit
A view of our customers enjoying our tea and browsing
More browsing and munching the goodies

It was a great time well spent and sales were fabulous as well.  We'll have to do this again....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Goodies For Sale

I'm going to get right down to business and show some fabulous handmade Valentine art for sale at the gallery.  Each wonderfully created item is so unique it would be hard not to find something to give as a gift for that special person in your life to show how much you care.

Sweet fabric heart ornaments
A gorgeous porcelain vase with handmade silk flowers
A wonderful fabric clutch
A handmade original mixed media collage painting with 4 wonderful words to remember always with love
Fabulously creative painted birds carrying love to the receiver
Handmade Valentine card
A boutique of painted flowers for the one you love
Incredibly creative wire heart with wings ornament 

An original handmade necklace with floral center in resin
An original design of mixed metal with soldered heart
An original design of mixed metals with heart forever floating in resin
A delicately created original heart wreath with dried flowers

Give the gift of the world under mosaics of beautiful glass
What could be better than an Orchid housed in a fabulous handmade ceramic pot
A variety of hearts to please many desires
A stunning heart shaped paper weight and gorgeous hand blown glass flowers
For the fun of it...handmade from polymer clay right out of the imagination
A sweet painting of thoughtful love
Can't be without the glitter...a playful constructed heart of wire

So many more items to choose from, so come on over and visit us.  I'm sure you'll fine something special for the people you love on Valentine's Day.