Monday, February 27, 2012

Renee Troy Featured Artist

Renee Troy started her career in the 1970's working in Manhattan's garment industry.  She helped start the infant-toddler division at Garanimals, a still popular children's clothing line, located at the time on the 16th floor of the Empire State Building.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1976 and deciding to change directions, Renee took a job working for a mom and pop company designing custom invitations where the inspiration to learn calligraphy started.  Going home every night and practicing her letters led to a new career in designing invitations in calligraphy.

Today, Renee is proud of her long list of clients obtained over a 35 year span, most of which still use her calligraphy services today.

Renee's passion for mixed media, art dolls, jewelry designing and painting became more prominent over the past 10 years.  While still maintaining her calligraphy business, she now divides her time creating in these different mediums for Ten Women Gallery, online shops and for her dedicated private clientèle.

In her words, "My passion is my art and my purpose is to be a creative student of life.  There is no other way for me to live.  I am very blessed and will always be grateful".

Full view of window at night
36x36 Original mixed media painting on canvas

Mixed media painting on canvas

Mixed media necklace
Mixed metals necklace
Variety of large earrings
Heart within resin necklace
Mixed media wood collage
Shadow box frame art
Mixed media painting on canvas
Created entirely from scratch, an array of natural elements creating a shadow box effect
Because Renee does so many different kinds of art, it's difficult for her to restrain herself in one medium.  She creates everything from one of kind fabric/paper greetings cards to art dolls and everything in between.  Her space at Ten Women is constantly changing and there's always a new display of different original art for mass appeal. 

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