Friday, December 16, 2011

Featured artist Outi Harma

Outi and Dino

Outi Harma is originally from Lapland, Finland.  About twenty years ago her move to the warm, multimcultural city of Los Angeles was the catalyst that catapulted her creative expression.  Her images create exciting worlds that merge the visible and invisible.  Her years of exploration in movement, dance and performance art, brings a wide variety of characters, fluidity and emotion to her paintings.
This is how she describes her painting process:

"There are two main ways that I start my paintings.  The most common method is improvisational.  I start with mixing and playing with colors.  Images begin to appear spontaneously as I paint.  This requires that I am willing to be with the unknown without any clear direction.  It can be extremely frustrating at times.  But I love being surprised by what will manifest on the canvas and letting it tell me a story, instead of having a preconceived idea how the painting will look.
Then there are times while I am in a meditative state, in movement or just siting in stillness, an image will come to me and keep reappearing over time until I paint it."

Original painting on canvas
Original painting on canvas
Original painting on canvas
Outi's space at Ten Women Montana

Outi has been with Ten Women for about 10 successful years.  She works in many different mediums besides her paintings.  She offers her wonderful images on ceramic tiles, cards and prints ready for framing. Her ceramic work extends to bowls, vases, and cups with delightful saying written on them.  They make wonderful gifts.  

Outi shows and sells at several galleries through out Southern California and online.  We are proud to have her as one of our Ten Women sister artists on Montana.


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