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Wire Works at the Gallery

Wire Art from The Heart

Dancing in the streets....

Peggy McKeever-Wire Works
One of many of Peggy's fabulous wire sculptured faces

In 2001, shortly after discovering her passion for creating 3 dimensional, mixed media sculpture in wire, Peggy McKeever also discovered that there was a women's artist co-op gallery on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  

It was shortly after Ten Women opened their second location that they were seeking new and exciting artists to join them.  At the time, Abbot Kinney was not "the place to be seen" that it is today.  In fact, it was pretty run down and was truly in need of TLC.  In spite of this and because of the original Ten Women on Main Street, Santa Monica, they drew destination customers to the new location.  So, after being juried in as a full member of the new Ten Women Venice Gallery, it was clear that Peggy's passion and incredible creations came together and were destined to be a success.
Peggy's delightful and collectible shoes

Wouldn't these hot mamma's look fantastic sitting on a shelf?

Peggy McKeever was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, the eldest of six children.  She moved across country in 1970 settling in Los Angeles.  The mother of two sons, she now calls Santa Monica her home.

Peggy always had an affinity towards the arts.  She didn’t do more than dabble here and there until, after a life changing transition, her creativity blossomed from a spool of wire and yarn that was given to her as part of a gift.  A rapid evolution of 3 dimensional forms sprang from her wonderful imagination after that. 

Peggy started combining the wire, yarn, fabric, vintage beads, jewelry findings, polymer clay and lots of ephemera to create a fabulous range of characters, figures, shoes, clothing and anything that could come alive just by twisting yards of wire.  It doesn’t take much to fuel her inspiration when sitting with her “stuff” and a couple of pair of pliers.  She is definitely influenced by feminine energy and the fashion that women love to wear.  Her incredibly constructed miniature shoes adorned with glitz and glitter are a collector’s item for sure. 

There is an incredibly flare to her work that is admired and sort after.  You can’t overlook her wonderfully expressive faces that are outlined in wire and ready to hang on your wall.
Or, the energy that she brings to her little women that, altogether on the shelf, seem to be dancing to music only they can hear.  You just can’t choose which one to take home with you, each one of a kind and unique.

Being a self taught artist, Peggy considers her, late in life found passion, a gift and a powerful healing experience that she feels blessed to experience and share with the world. 
A perfect gift for mom
Peggy's imagination is endless... 

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