Monday, July 16, 2012

Artography by Fae Horowitz

What is Artography you ask?  Well, Fae Horowitz, one of Ten Women's unique and long time artists can tell you best as that is what she has developed as a personal signature for her photographs.

Fae is a native New Yorker and a self-taught artist/photographer who developed her unique style when she moved to Southern California over 20 years ago.  She uses oils, pastels, pencil and her computer to push the envelope of conventional photography, creating images and environments almost unrecognizable as photographs.

Fae is inspired by her travels and delights in accentuating the obvious - the things we take for granted and therefore don't really see.

Showing a quirky sense of humor 
Fae lives and works in Santa Monica and her work has been showing at Ten Women Gallery for many years.  However, you can also see her wonderful Artography at Topanga Canyon Gallery and at special art shows throughout the year.

Fae's space showing an assortment of her creatively manipulated photographs 

The photos that follow were photographed behind a sleeve of plastic but you can still see the wonderfulness of the scenes.  Her prints are matted and protected in these sleeves of plastic when purchased.
This photo of a dilapidated house draws the viewer to want to see more and go inside.
This stunning photo makes me feel like the flowers are actually dancers on a stage
Fae has a knack for seeing the obviousness of  a scene...elements that are juxtaposed to make a complete statement
Who couldn't be mesmerized by this incredible sunset.  It makes you want to sit, ponder and delight in the wonderment of the world.
This, according to Fae, is a view from her studio...lucky gal!
This is one of my personal favorites.  The aging of the roses reminds me of how quickly life passes.
The beautiful textures of the leaves displayed in this photo were captured perfectly
This intriguing and peaceful scene reminds me that I need to take more walks in nature and sit on a bench and just be.                                                                                                                                                                                

So simple yet so deliciously focused on the color, texture and shapes.
My amateur photos have not given these professional works of art justice which is why, if you appreciate the unique and creative expertise of a master photographer, you must stop by the gallery to see Fae's handsome photographic display for yourself.

Hope to see you soon.

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