Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are almost there

It's been almost two months since Ten Women Venice moved out of our home on Abbot Kinney after being there for 11 years.  Some members have come and gone, some have been with us from the beginning and some are brand new.

In our new home on Montana in Santa Monica, we are starting anew with a new look, new attitudes and fabulous new art to sell.

This photo was taken over the weekend where you can see construction still going on and some artists preparing to put up their shelves and hang their art.  The counter was being constructed and by Monday evening was ready to be organized.  We have a beautiful new floor and freshly painted walls.  Everything being so tirelessly completed by most of the artists themselves.  Some working non stop each day to make sure the progress kept moving.  Others doing whatever it took to get us open in a timely manner and ready for holiday.

Renee's space

Isabelle's space

Fae's space

Bibi's space

Elaine's space
I'm sure that by now, almost everyone will have put up their shelves, added their art, window displayed for a glimpse of what's inside and the counter all set up and ready for business.  Wednesday, tomorrow, our doors will be officially open to start our new home.

We are all very excited...stay posted for more progress and our opening celebration party.


  1. The photos look great Renee! Can't wait to see it all coming together...

  2. The gallery looks alive and well together!! Thanks for posting all you have! See you all soon :)