Friday, November 18, 2011

We're Open for Business

On Wednesday, November 16th, Ten Women Gallery opened their doors for the first time in their new home on Montana in Santa Monica.

With hasty abandon, hard work was performed at pulling as much as we could together to finish last minute details enough to get our doors opened and ready to sell art.  With an immaculately clean front window and a wonderful display of several artists work designed by Outi, here's our very first window.

 Above are views of the gallery from the rear looking out towards the front.  It's wonderfully bright, clean and fresh with an air of sophistication and class.  We are all so pleased as to how it's coming together in time for the holidays.

Here's a view looking into the gallery from the front....

Although things will change a bit when we get our center displays constructed and set up with art by artists Susan Haskell and Joann Liebolt, it will still hold it's integrity as a beautiful and inviting gallery.  We are looking forward to having our new home all in perfect working order so we can down to the business of art.

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  1. Excellent post and photos!! Thank you Renee, can't wait for the Grand Opening!